What You Need to Know About Teeth Whitening

Posted on: May 17, 2016

Teeth WhiteningIf you are considering a teeth whitening procedure, we are the best dentist to visit. We understand how important it is to have a show-stopping smile. People respond well to those who have beautiful teeth. In fact, a study conducted by Match.com found that both men and women thought that a persons’ smile was the quality they found to be most attractive. If you have a great smile, it could improve your social life.

As people age, it becomes difficult to keep those pearly whites sparkling. Drinking coffee, wine, and tea along with eating colored foods can all stain teeth. It is a challenge to keep them from becoming stained and it is even harder for those who smoke. Whitening toothpaste may help a little but not enough to produce dramatic results.

We offer professional teeth whitening solutions that can whiten teeth by up to eight shades. This is far more effective than anything you can buy in a drug store and will produce the stunning impact you are looking for. Here is what you need to know when considering this procedure.

  •   Professional teeth whitening is pain-free. If you have the procedure done by a dentist, you should not experience any pain. This is because we know how to apply the solution correctly and will make sure that your teeth are in good health before whitening them. However, if you purchase over the counter whitening trays, you may experience discomfort because the trays are not a custom fit and the solution can leak onto your gums.
  •   There are two main treatment types. When getting your teeth professionally whitening there are two main options to choose from. You can select an in-office whitening treatment that is done in around an hour or you can have customized whitening trays created by our office so that you can use them at home. There are distinct advantages to each option. They produce the same type of results but the in-office treatment is done faster where whitening trays can be done from the convenience of your couch.
  •   How it works. Most whitening solutions contain some level of peroxide. The peroxide penetrates through your enamel and starts the oxidation process which makes your teeth reflect less light and appear colorless. This gives the appearance of white teeth.
  •   How long it lasts. What you eat and drink makes a big difference in how long your teeth will stay white for. Some foods stain so if you continue to drink red wine, you will likely need the procedure to be repeated in a few months. Otherwise, some people only have their teeth whitened once a year.
  •   It’s affordable. This is an affordable way to improve your smile and is much less expensive than any other type of cosmetic dentistry procedure. This makes it a good place to start when transforming your smile.

To learn more about teeth whitening or to schedule an appointment, call our dentist office. We can give you the smile that you have always wanted.

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