Maintaining Healthy Gums With Periodontal Care

Posted on: May 13, 2021

Periodontal Santa Clara, CA

Looking for ways to maintain healthy gums using periodontal care methods? Preventing gum disease from happening in the first place is recommended. Learning how to properly care for one's gums is essential when it comes to gum disease prevention.

The importance of periodontal care

Understand the importance of periodontal care is essential to the overall health of one's mouth. According to Healthline, gum disease starts when plaque builds up under and along the gumline. Plaque is a sticky substance containing bacteria, which can lead to an infection. Gum infections have the potential for causing tooth loss, which is to be avoided because teeth are designed to last a lifetime. This is why it is so essential for all dental patients to practice good periodontal care, as this helps prevent a buildup of harmful plaque on teeth.

How to maintain healthy gums

The list below includes information on certain types of periodontal care that one can do to prevent being diagnosed with gum disease.

Brush and floss regularly

In order for someone to maintain their healthy gums, it is essential for them to brush and floss on a regular basis. Brushing one’s teeth should be done with a soft-bristled toothbrush, as this type of toothbrush will not cause any damage to the gums. It is also necessary to brush the tongue, as this helps eliminate bacteria that live in the mouth. Flossing on a regular basis helps remove any hidden food particles in between one's teeth, as leftover food particles are a common cause of gum problems. It is essential to use a new piece of floss every time that one flosses, as using the same piece of floss spreads bacteria between teeth.

Make smart food choices

Periodontal care requires one to make smart food choices, as these can have quite an impact on overall dental health. For example, choosing to eat crunchy vegetables, like apples and carrots, is a great way to maintain healthy gums. This is due to the firm yet abrasive texture that these healthy vegetables contain. When these types of vegetables are eaten, it gently helps remove any plaque buildup on one's teeth. Leafy greens are also a smart food choice, as they require chewing, and chewing produces saliva, which in turn, helps wash away any harmful plaque or bacteria.

Stop smoking

Even though most people understand that smoking can have a negative effect on one's general health, it can also have a negative effect on one’s gum health. Smokers tend to have an increased risk of developing gum problems, as smoking is known to lower the ability for one’s immune system to function properly. Those who have a weaker immune system are more likely to experience gum infections, so those who smoke should stop participating in this harmful act.

Bottom line

How well is your periodontal care routine? While many dental patients place a large focus on caring for their teeth, it is also necessary for them to take proper care of their gums. The last thing that any dental patient wants is to be diagnosed with gum disease, as this means they will need to undergo treatment.

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