Learn How Laser Dentistry Makes Dental Procedures Easier and Painless

Posted on: April 1, 2016

Laser DentistryWe use laser dentistry to improve the oral health of our patients and to make their recovery time faster if a procedure needs to be performed. Laser is the modern alternative to the traditional metal tools used by dentists. These same metal tools have been used for decades with the process and results being the same.  We live in the technology world where you can access the Internet from virtually anywhere, cook food in seconds, and find information with the click of a button. In this day and age there is no reason to visit a dentist that uses the same tools that were used on your parents.

In our office, we leverage technology to help our patients to have a more enjoyable dental experience that is free from pain and discomfort. We like using lasers because there is no cutting involved no stitches, and less bleeding. This makes it easy for patients to recover from a dental procedure.

Laser dentistry can be used for a variety of procedures. One of the ways that we use a laser light is to remove bacteria from the gum pockets.  Typically, the bacteria would need to be scraped out which can be very uncomfortable. With lasers, the bacteria are eliminated without any discomfort or heat. Since our procedure doesn’t use heat, there is no risk to the healthy gum tissue either. Eliminating the bacteria is the first step in treating gum disease because it allows the body to naturally heal itself and the damage to be reversed. If the bacteria are left alone, any other treatments will not be effective.

After the bacteria have been eliminated using laser light, an ultrasonic scaler is used. With this device, sound waves break up tartar and plaque that are on and around the teeth. This is far more comfortable than using a metal dental tool to scrape off the plaque. This step is also important for allowing the gums to heal. Once the plaque has been broken up, we use the laser again to finish the cleaning process.  The benefit to our clients is that we never physically touch the teeth and gums with a tool. The laser light and ultrasonic scaler can complete the entire treatment and do so in a non-invasive way that is entirely comfortable. The results are a healthy set of teeth and gums which will allow for new bone growth.

If you want a non-invasive, painless gum treatment – visit our office.  We have been voted as a local favorite for gum treatment and specialize in these procedures. This increases the likelihood of you receiving the results that you want, and your gums healing faster than if you visit a less experienced dentist.  Keep in mind that when you experience laser dentistry, you can have your gum disease treated but done so in a way that doesn’t hurt, and there is little to no recovery time.

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