Is Laser Dentistry Safe For Treating Those With Sensitivity Concerns?

Posted on: February 17, 2015

Laser DentistryAbsolutely, laser dentistry is incredibly safe and an effective tool for treating those that have sensitive teeth or irritated gum tissue.  In fact, it is less invasive than using a traditional dental tool and our patients have reported feeling better about their treatments when lasers are involved versus metal dental tools.There are several reasons why working with lasers is better for our patients, including:
  • No room for error.  When a metal tool is used, one accidental slip, however slight, can cause irritation of the surrounding tissue.  No matter how good a dentist is, there is always that risk and with a laser that risk is minimized if not eliminated.  The laser will typically not cause any irritation to the surrounding teeth or gum tissue, making it a safe treatment process, in general.
  • Stops the bleeding.  When having dental work done, there is typically some blood involved since the gums bleed fairly easily, and even a deep cleaning can lead to some irritation.  However, when a laser is used, it can cauterize the area and stop the bleeding as the treatment is being performed which may prevent the need for using gauze afterward.
  • It’s a bacteria killer.  Laser dentistry can be used to kill bacteria as the heat from the laser virtually zaps it away.  This means that there is no need to physically scrape the bacteria off of the teeth and gums. Simultaneously, lasers are often used when treating gum disease because the laser can target the tartar and plaque that has become trapped on the teeth but under the gums.  When a laser is used in this procedure, it eliminates the need for scraping underneath the gums, which while effective, can be incredibly uncomfortable at best.
  • Used cosmetically.  A laser can also be used in cosmetic dentistry and is often associated with a teeth whitening procedure in order to activate the bleaching agent and produce more dramatic results.  At some offices, this is the main application for laser dentistry and is used quite frequently.
Laser dentistry is continuing to grow in popularity as people are starting to realize how effective of a tool it can be when completing standard dental procedures.  Even in our office, we are applying it to more and more procedures as it becomes evident that our patients would benefit from the change.  With that in mind, if we are still using traditional dental tools for some procedures, know that we are gradually working towards replacing them for everything.  In the meantime, when it makes sense to do so, we are using laser technology, and when we do, our patients are pleased with the results.  We have seen that people tend to recover faster since the procedure is less invasive and typically requires no cutting or scraping when lasers are involved.  This has led more people to have schedule dental procedures that they have been putting off for fear of discomfort.  If you are interested in learning about how lasers are being used in our dental office, call and schedule a consultation.

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